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Large-scale organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer

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Welcome to Sande Machinery

Active ecological agriculture advocate

Sande Machinery is to achieve the goal of intellegence, automation, mechanization of Organic Fertilizer machinery industry in China.

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Welcome to Sande Machinery

Large-scale organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer.

Sande Machinery is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and production technology providing for solid waste recycling production and treatment equipment. We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of equipment for rapid decomposing (harmless) of agricultural waste (dung, straw) raw materials, and high-efficiency (biological) organic fertilizer equipment. Our organic waste treatment equipment has obtained a number of national patents. Zhengzhou Sande Machinery can provide customers with one-stop comprehensive services such as project planning, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and technical training...

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comprehensive introduction of organic fertilizer rounding machine

comprehensive introduction of organic fertilizer rounding machine

The organic fertilizer rounding machine is a round-throwing device configured on the basis of the flat film extrusion granulator, which makes the cylindrical particles roll to the ball at a time, without returning the material. The organic fertilizer roun...

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