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How to Use Microbial Fertilizer

How to Use Microbial Fertilizer
1. The Best Effect is to Start Using when Seedlings are Raised

One day in advance, soak the seeds for fifteen minutes to half an hour, then dry in the shade, one or two days in advance, evenly mix the seedling substrate, slightly dipped in a small amount of water and watered, so that the bacterium is planted in advance to reproduce and grow. Cover with film to avoid mixing with miscellaneous bacteria.

The earlier the microbial fertilizer is used, the better, why? Because microbial fertilizer contains beneficial bacteria, can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the soil, and inhibit the growth of miscellaneous bacteria, the physical and chemical properties of the soil to play a good role in improving the soil, and can improve the soil caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers, soil caking, acidification, salinization and a series of soil problems.

And microbial fertilizer can also improve the resistance of crops, improve the crop resistance to pests and diseases. Therefore, the use of biofertilizer in the seedling stage can play a good role in protecting the crop from pests and diseases in advance, and indirectly reduce the economic loss caused by pests and diseases.

2. Planting Hole Application or Furrow Application

The hole application is better, evenly mixed with wheat bran, ground rice bran, soybean meal and other organic matter, if a small amount of added corn meal, soybean meal is particularly good (to avoid soybean meal and other organic matter burn seedlings, try to use the rotted, and add sun-dried clay). After application, mulch the soil in time.

Why do microbial fertilizers work best when applied in cavities? Crop growth cannot be achieved without nutrients, and the nutrients supplied by photosynthesis of crop leaves only account for a small part of the supply, most of the nutrient supply comes from the crop's root system absorption. Therefore, it is very necessary to ensure the growth of the root system and the health of the soil environment around the root system. Only if the soil environment around the root system is rich in nutrients and organic matter, it can ensure the root system grows well and provide the crop with the nutrient needs of the whole growth cycle.

3. Mixing Substrate, Organic Matter Rototilling into the Soil Under

If you use microbial fertilizer for the first time, it is recommended to double the dosage and use it when rototilling under the substrate.

Why is this? Because long-term use of chemical fertilizer soil, such as continuous crop of more than three years, the soil nutrient balance will generally be broken, the perennial use of a series of soil problems will occur, seriously endangering the quality and yield of crops.

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