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Organic Fertilizer Equipment Safety Tips Summary

Organic Fertilizer Equipment Safety Tips Summary
Organic fertilizer equipment safety tips summary: organic fertilizer equipment in the process of use need to pay attention to a lot of issues, it is with these issues, we can do the safe use of the following we come together to understand how to safely use organic fertilizer equipment.

1, Organic fertilizer equipment should be fixed on the ground, you can use cement to fix.

2, Organic fertilizer equipment should be carefully checked after installation is in place, check whether there is not installed firmly enough. Motor shaft and crusher shaft is parallel, and also to check whether the drive belt elasticity is appropriate.

3, Organic fertilizer equipment before starting, rotate the rotor by hand to check whether the operation is flexible and normal, whether there is a collision in the housing, whether the rotor rotation direction is correct, whether the motor and crusher lubrication is good, etc..

4, Organic fertilizer equipment do not often replace the pulley, in case the speed is too high or too low.

5, Organic fertilizer equipment should be idle for 2 to 3 minutes after the start, no abnormalities before feeding work.

6, Organic fertilizer equipment to feed evenly, if found that there are noises, bearing and body temperature is too high or to the outside of the material spraying and other phenomena, should immediately shut down to check and troubleshoot.

7, Organic fertilizer equipment before work staff should carefully check the material to prevent metal, stones and other hard objects into the crushing chamber caused by accidents.

8, when feeding, staff should stand on the side of the organic fertilizer equipment to prevent injuries from bouncing out of the debris. Crushing long stalks when the hand can not grasp too tightly to prevent the hand is brought into.

9, Organic fertilizer equipment in the shutdown before stopping the feed, to be excluded from the machine material clean, then cut off the power shutdown. After shutdown to clean and maintenance.

10, Organic fertilizer equipment after 300 hours of operation, shall clean the bearings, replace the oil. When loading oil, to full bearing seat gap of 1/3 is good, at most not more than 1/2. long shutdown, should remove the drive belt.

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