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Organic Fertilizer Drum Screener Working Principle and Fetures

Organic Fertilizer Drum Screener Working Principle and Fetures
Organic Fertilizer Drum Screener Working Principle
Self-cleaning cage type organic fertilizer drum sifter rotates the core separation equipment of the machine and equipment according to the software of transmission speed reduction system. The core separation equipment is composed of several rings of galvanized flat steel ring structure Dragon of stainless steel screen. The core separation equipment is installed with the ground plane skewed, raw materials from the core separation equipment above into the pipe network, in the separation out of the cylinder rotating the whole process, the fine raw materials bucket since. Top to bottom according to the ring galvanized flat steel screen spacing to carry out the separation out, coarse raw materials from the separation out tube below the discharge into the crusher equipment.

The organic fertilizer drum screening machine is equipped with flat screen organization. In the whole process of separation out, the screen organization according to the relative speed of the screen organization and the screen body continuously carry out the screen body; finishing. So that the screen body in all operating links from beginning to end to maintain clean, not easy to block the screen and harm.

Organic Fertilizer Drum Screener Machine Features
1. Small inclination angle, not easy to block.
2. Small space occupation, reasonable layout and convenient.
3. Low noise, less environmental pollution by smoke and dust.
4. Integration into a wide coverage, conducive to import substitution and modularity, convenient.
5. Because of the characteristics of the structure and principle, the human body skewed perspective is small, the role of vibration screening very practical solution to the problem of screen surface obstruction, enhance the operation ** rate.
6. Screening rate, large output, long service life.
7. Stable and reliable operation, easy and convenient maintenance.
8. Simple equipment structure, easy operation and stable operation.

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