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Why Organic Fertilizer Fermentation with Tumbler Equipment

Why Organic Fertilizer Fermentation with Tumbler Equipment
Fermented organic fertilizer has many defects, such as incomplete fermentation, long fermentation time, etc., which is not conducive to agriculture. Organic fertilizer is a very good farm fertilizer, which can give sufficient soil organic matter nutrients for crops. When we produce and process organic fertilizer, we consider how to use organic fertilizer, so that organic fertilizer in the soil layer after application, can give full play. So why organic fertilizer fermentation with the tumbler equipment? Read the article and you'll understand!

1. To assist oxygen into what is usually called gas exchange. Compost fermentation method is classified as aerobic fermentation, must be a lot of oxygen. But through a period of course fermentation, the oxygen in the pile will gradually reduce, so that the fermentation rate slows down. Application of turning machine, compost in the oxygen can be in the whole process of turning pile sufficient natural ventilation.

2, Reduce the temperature of the traditional type of fertilizer, every once in a while with a shovel to turn the pile, you will find that there is smoke, this smoke is water vapor, water in the evaporation of the whole process will take away the heat, and thus do the purpose of reducing the temperature. In the composting process, effective temperature monitoring is a critical performance indicator. The temperature is too high to kill the nutrients in the organic chemical raw materials. The application of the tumbler can be deposited compost inside and outside stirring evenly, so that the compost in many water volatilization, and then effectively manipulate the temperature in the compost.

3. Promote the whole process of fermentation, so that the favorable fermentation bacteria and fermentation of raw materials sufficiently even touch, to promote the whole process of fermentation.

4. Greatly improve efficiency. Everything normal human actual operation 2 days of running rate, the application of tank turning machine 2 more hours can be carried out, proportional performance is much better than human.

Through a series of solutions after the tumbler, excrement can not only be thoroughly fermented, and by the traditional type of compost fermentation 2-3 months to reduce the length of only 15 days, to further improve the excrement fermentation high efficiency and solve the work capacity, the original excrement waste into a high-efficiency organic fertilizer can be reused many times.

The above is why we have about organic fertilizer fermentation with the relevant content of the tiller equipment, look forward to some help to you!

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