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Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment Maintenance Introduction

Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment Maintenance Introduction
With the rapid development of livestock farming industry, large quantities of excreta and wastewater are generated. This kind of manure sewage has harmful elements that exceed the standard, and cannot be solved by the traditional method of returning to the field. For this situation, we have developed a product to move, high-efficiency solid-liquid separation equipment technology as the key, integrated facilities such as high-efficiency mixing machine, turning machine, pellet machine and other fertilizer production equipment, organic fertilizer production line. Today for you to do the organic fertilizer production line equipment maintenance introduction.

1, Maintain the work on the spot cleaning. Organic fertilizer equipment after each experiment, completely remove granulation leaves and residual cement mortar inside and outside the granulation tank, remove scattered or spilled on the organic fertilizer equipment cement mortar and flying objects, scrubbing organic fertilizer equipment and equipment exposed production and processing surface, coated with anti-rust treatment meat paint, and cover the corresponding protective cover tightly to avoid secondary invasion of dust.

2, Organic fertilizer equipment without external oil injection holes, transmission gear and worm gear selected organic fertilizer equipment special type lubricating grease wetting. The upper and lower transmission gears should be filled with three-in-one lubricating grease once a quarter. (When giving oil, you can open the reducer box cover and transmission cover of the moving generator set respectively). Should often drop down the middle of the rolling surface at the middle door hinge of the support point reducer box and support frame Weihua automobile oil. Worm gear box and rolling bearing in the factory has been filled with transmission lubricating grease, but the transmission should be completely cleaned after each year of application, and remove and replace all the safety protection lubricating fluid.

3. Pay attention to the actual operation of the organic fertilizer machine from the beginning to the end. There should be no more serious emergence of abnormal noise and dry sound, not to mention the sound of metal material grinding. If other abnormalities are found, it should be immediately terminated and checked. Only after the fault detection can be applied. If no corresponding cause is found, the equipment will not start. If there is a metal material grinding sound, the first check the granulation tank and organic fertilizer equipment granulation blade in the middle of the gap.

4, Often check the specification gap in the middle of the granulator and granulator.

5, Removal and replacement of organic fertilizer granulation tank or granulation leaves, should be every time again accurately measure the gap in the work, and several times to adjust. It can be applied again after meeting the regulations.

The above is the organic fertilizer production line equipment maintenance introduction, such as the human body, every now and then to physical examination, maintenance, in order to better maintain its health; organic fertilizer production line equipment is also the same, a long time of endless work will cause serious damage to the equipment, reasonable organic fertilizer production line equipment maintenance, but also to extend the life, save costs, it is recommended that users should be based on the requirements of scientific maintenance of equipment.


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