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Common Plant-Derived Organic Fertilizer Raw Materials

Common Plant-Derived Organic Fertilizer Raw Materials
Straw: the common original corn straw, wheat straw, bean straw, rice straw. Contains high cellulose and lignin and other macromolecules, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other nutrient content is low (except for legumes), the use of such materials alone as organic fertilizer is rare, generally used to increase the organic matter of fermented materials, adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio. This type of raw material is relatively abundant, low prices, but because these materials are mostly in the hands of agricultural retail households, the acquisition of large areas is more difficult, and seasonal strong, year-round production needs to be stocked in advance.

Meal: there are soybean meal, cotton meal, castor meal, pepper meal, peanut meal, etc. Most of the offal for the agricultural processing industry, more for auxiliary materials. Meal as raw materials for organic fertilizer can be called high-end organic fertilizer, because it is mostly feed grade, higher raw material costs, fermentation and maturation should not be controlled.

Mushroom bran: commonly known as mushroom residue, mushroom bag, with golden needle mushroom residue, flat mushroom residue, apricot mushroom residue, etc., raw materials are mostly wine lees, corn cobs, rice husk powder, wheat bran, soybean meal and with some nutrients, bran organic matter is high, rich in bacterial protein, vitamins, trace elements and growth factors, do organic fertilizer in fertility effect is better.

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