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Why Humic Acid in Fertilizer is Good

Why Humic Acid in Fertilizer is Good
Nowadays, most of the fertilizers in the market will talk about our products containing humic acid and how good humic acid is as a selling point and raise the price when they do sales promotion! This situation is common whether it is compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer! But farmers do not know what humic acid is in the end! What is the specific role!

So, what exactly is humic acid? What is the use of humic acid? Let's take a look below.

Humic acid is a natural mixture of organic macromolecular compounds. Widely found in nature, the largest proportion of humic acid in the soil, the concept of humic acid in a broad sense as: plant and animal remains, mainly plant remains, through the decomposition and transformation of microorganisms, as well as a series of geochemical processes caused by and accumulated a class of organic substances. This is the basic definition of humic acid.

Soil organic matter is generally above humic acid, and in the corrosive matter humic acid is the main body and its salts combined with metal ions, and humic acid is the most active and effective part of the organic matter.

The most direct role of humic acid: to promote plant growth and improve crop yield.

For soil: improve soil structure , adjust soil PH value to increase soil buffering capacity .

Biological effects: Stimulate crop growth and development, using humic acid can enhance the activity of various enzymes of crops, improve the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients, enhance the metabolic ability of crops, accelerate growth and development, early maturity and improve quality.

In addition, from the perspective of agricultural applications, humic acid also has strong drought resistance, disease resistance, low temperature resistance and salinity resistance.


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