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Organic Fertilizer Stack Composting Process and Operation Steps

Organic Fertilizer Stack Composting Process and Operation Steps
It is a common way of composting system because of its low investment cost and simple operation. This article explains the operation steps of stack composting in detail:

I. Pile up
Mix the raw materials evenly in the fermentation field. On the pile into the bottom side of the width of 1.8-3 meters, the upper side of the width of 0.8-1 meters, 0.6-1 meters high near trapezoidal strip chop, strip chop interval of 0.5 meters. The specific width and height of the strips are determined by the tumbling equipment.

In the upper, middle and lower parts of the pile, insert automatic temperature recorders, 3-6 for each pile, respectively. Use about 2cm thin rod on the pile from. Top and bottom diagonally insert a number of small holes, - straight into the bottom of the pile; 10-20 holes per meter pile inserted.

When the initial pile temperature is lower than 15 degrees, you can cover the pile with a layer of plastic film, when the film is thin, there is a uniform water droplets, remove the plastic sheet.

II. Turn the Pile
Each day the fermentation of raw materials on the pile as a batch, and insert the compost fermentation sign. Raw materials. After the pile in 24-48h temperature will rise to about 60 degrees, keep 24h, start turning (but when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, must immediately turn the pile), turn the pile must be uniform and thorough, the lower layer of material as far as possible into the upper part of the pile, in order to fully ripen.

III. The End of Fermentation
Fermentation composting process consists of four stages: low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and cooling. Temperature from low to high and then gradually back down to the room temperature difference of less than 10 degrees, you can end the main fermentation. After the high temperature is finished, the material will be post-rotted for 10-15d, and the moisture will be reduced to below 35% after the fermentation is completed.

IV. Record
In the whole fermentation process, in addition to the turning operation, should be measured daily, record the fermentation temperature, material moisture content, make production records.

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