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Pig Manure You still Headache How to Deal With

Pig Manure You still Headache How to Deal With
Pig manure contains a large amount of bacteria, which will affect the growth of crops if used directly, so it needs to be fermented before use. There are many ways to ferment pig manure into organic fertilizer, including natural fermentation and biological fermentation.

The natural fermentation method is very simple. Pig manure is mixed with rice straw, piled and watered. Then cover with plastic film to ferment naturally and use high temperature to kill the bacteria in pig manure. Fungicides such as carbendazim and fomesin can also be added to kill bacteria in pig manure. The fermentation process leaves a gap between the film and the pig manure, allowing microorganisms to multiply and promote fermentation.

It takes a long time to naturally ferment pig manure into organic fertilizer, usually two to three months. Fermentation is only complete when there is no smell and it turns into brown manure. If pig manure is not completely decomposed, fertilizer pests such as root burning may occur and increase the incidence of pests and diseases.

Pig manure can be fermented into organic fertilizer by biofermentation. The required raw materials include pig manure, fermenting agent, corn flour, straw, etc. Pour the pig manure to be decomposed into the field spread and then add the appropriate amount of peanut straw. Adding straw can adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio in organic fertilizer and improve the air permeability.

During the fermentation process, biological agents are added to promote fermentation and rapid maturation. The dosage of different fermenting agents varies, and farmers can use the dosage as needed. Biological agents and corn flour are mixed well. Corn flour is the carrier of microbial activities, which is good for microbial reproduction and accelerated fermentation.

After mixing pig manure and straw, sprinkle the mixed bioferment and corn flour on it and then water it. When the pig manure is dry, the amount of water can be increased. When the pig manure contains more water, less water can be used. Finally, compost it into organic fertilizer and there is no limitation on the area and length of the compost. After fermenting for two or three days, turn it over again.

When fermenting pig manure, adding organic fertilizer fermenting agent can save fermentation time. Fermentation time is about 7 to 10 days. It is suitable for the treatment of large amount of pig manure. Fast fermentation can prevent incomplete maturation of pig manure.

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