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Fermented Bio-Organic Fertilizer Must not be Missing

Fermented Bio-Organic Fertilizer Must not be Missing
Although chemical fertilizer is one of the important factors in increasing agricultural production, chemical fertilizer itself will have some effects on the soil, such as slating, acidification, and even cause a decline in soil fertility. Therefore, the current market of bio-organic fertilizer is promising.

For the production of bio-organic fertilizer, aerobic fermentation is one of the key links, and the tumbler is the core equipment. Before fermentation, adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio, water content, pH value of fermented raw materials by adding auxiliary materials and fermentation bacteria, etc. In this link, the tumbler can play the role of mixing, so that the material is mixed evenly. In addition, the tumbler itself has a certain crushing ability, it can also break up the lumps in the raw materials as much as possible to make the materials more uniform.

After entering the fermentation state, raw materials in the role of fermentation bacteria will continue to warm up, while consuming oxygen in the stack, then in order to control the temperature of the fermentation stack, to enhance the oxygen content, to avoid anaerobic fermentation, it is necessary to regularly use the tumbler to turn the fermentation stack, to improve the permeability of the stack, increase the oxygen content of the stack. At the same time of tossing, the raw materials will also produce a certain displacement, moving from the inlet component to the outlet, in order to facilitate the addition and discharge of the next batch of raw materials.

There are various types of organic fertilizer tumblers, for different scale of organic fertilizer production can choose different kinds of tumblers, small scale production can use self-propelled tumblers, no need to build a trough to build a plant, only a piece of flat ground is needed.

Medium-scale can choose trough type tossing machine, build a good 3-6 meters wide fermentation tank, the tossing machine will be placed across it, with a shifting car more can realize a machine more trough, effectively reduce the initial investment.

And large organic fertilizer production line to choose the car or rotary tumbler, in order to ensure high yield at the same time can also effectively reduce energy consumption.

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