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Hazards of Soil Consolidation

Hazards of Soil Consolidation
1, Plant Root Respiration is Hindered
In the case of soil caking or long-term flooding, plant root cell respiration is weakened, while nitrogen and other nutrients exist mostly in the ionic state and are absorbed mostly in the active transport mode, which consumes energy generated by cell metabolism. Respiration is weakened, so the energy supply is insufficient, affecting absorption.

2, The Plant Root System can not Develop Normally
Soil grain structure is an important indicator of soil fertility. The destruction of soil grain structure leads to the reduction of soil water retention, fertilizer retention capacity and permeability, resulting in soil consolidation, and the root system in this state will lead to reduced vitality due to lack of oxygen.

3, Cause Plant Deficiency Disease
The performance of plant deficiency symptoms is not necessarily due to the lack of this element in the soil, but to the decrease in root absorption capacity caused by a series of problems such as soil consolidation, unsuitable soil pH, or unbalanced soil water supply.

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