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The Time of Organic Fertilizer Application

The Time of Organic Fertilizer Application
In the application of organic fertilizer into the time to see, whether it is field fertilizer, or fruit tree autumn application of the base fertilizer, are the actual best results in the fall application, autumn temperature, soil temperature is higher.

This time is very beneficial to the dissolution of organic fertilizer, and can be released before the winter part of the nutrients, to help green plants hardy over the winter.

If organic fertilizer is applied in winter, the dissolution of organic fertilizer is delayed because of the low ambient temperature and soil temperature. Even if a good organic fertilizer is applied, it is not easy to play a significant role. Only when the temperature rises, the soil temperature increases, in order to give full play to the effectiveness of organic fertilizer, but this is to integrate the process of crop growth and development of nutrients must.

If the organic fertilizer application into the time is not reasonable, not only depleted organic fertilizer, and will also lead to adverse effects on crop growth and development.

For example, the fall fruit trees into organic fertilizer, the fruit trees in the fall growth and development and promote flowering can ensure nutrients, promote fruit trees to produce robust and round buds, for next year's spring growth and development, blooming, the results of a solid foundation.

If it is the spring application into the base fertilizer, it will lead to the secondary branch growth and development of yellow leaf disease of fruit trees, but not conducive to the results of fruit trees.

The above is the introduction about the time of organic fertilizer application into, if you are interested in organic fertilizer project, you can contact us, Sande Machinery is the production of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers!

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