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The Role of Humic Acid

The Role of Humic Acid
I believe that many friends in the fertilizer circle have heard of humic acid, but may not have a comprehensive understanding of its role, this article will lead you to understand the role of humic acid.

Humic acid has a variety of functions in plant protection, solving the new preservation problems faced by large orchards and facility agriculture in rapid development, etc., has its unique advantages, humic acid is manifested in the following five aspects.

1, Improve the plant's defense against natural disasters.
After using humic acid, the root system is especially developed, chlorophyll biochemical action is strengthened, metabolism is strong, disease resistance, in the recovery of drought, flood, frost, performance is very obvious, in the post-disaster scrapes, when infected by bacteria, sprayed with humic acid solution, the repair of plant scrapes quickly, to avoid the loss of fruit due to bacterial infection.

2, Fertilizer application to prevent disease.
There are researchers applied biological humic acid fertilization disease prevention made a lot of research, that humic acid not only has a high physiological activity, but also contains special live bacteria, humic acid moisture absorption function is very strong, adjust the structure and diversity of soil microbial flora, inhibit indigenous pathogenic bacteria in the soil, enhance the variability of crops. Earlier application of biological humic acid is conducive to timely ecological adjustment of soil microorganisms, changing soil sloughing, and more obvious fertilization and prevention effects.

3, Mineral source humic acid for the rescue of diseased and weak plants of fruit trees.
As a result of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones speed of mass application and improper use of chemical fertilizers caused by fertilizer injury, fruit trees appear to decline before age or even orchard withering phenomenon, this is called "chemical pesticide syndrome". With humic acid concentrated liquid fertilizer, combined with the application of organic fertilizer, loosening the soil to break the roots, appropriate pruning and other agronomic measures, can be completely rejuvenated.

4, Foliar spraying of crops.
Foliar spraying of humic acid trace element liquid fertilizer has obvious effect on crop "replenishment" and disease prevention and yield increase, which is the advantage of biological humic acid, and now many kinds of fruit trees use fruit bagging, if spraying humic acid liquid fertilizer before bagging, the fruit will grow very plump, bright appearance, sweeter taste, which is the real green food.

5, To overcome the shed serial obstacles.
Barn succession barrier is because after multiple seasons of farming, the soil environment in the barns of microbial groups and fertilizer factors such as to abnormal changes resulting in normal crop growth, succession is hindered. It is proved that the use of humic acid trace element liquid fertilizer can restore the biodiversity of the soil in the greenhouse and form a good ecological environment.

The above is the role of humic acid, humic acid organic fertilizer belongs to high-end organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer manufacturers can put humic acid organic fertilizer into production according to the enterprise situation.

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