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Compound Fertilizer High Tower Granulation Process

Compound Fertilizer High Tower Granulation Process
I. Production principle
Using the characteristics of molten urea and monoammonium phosphate and potassium chloride to form low eutectic compounds, powdered monoammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and filler are preheated and added to molten urea to produce a good fluidity of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium eutectic through the reaction,the slurry is sprayed into the high tower through the nozzle, and the droplets gradually cool and solidify into granules during the process of falling.

II. The significant features of high tower air-cooled pelletizing process
1) High tower granulation process makes full use of the thermal energy of molten urea, ammonium nitrate or monoammonium phosphate melt, the material moisture content is very low, no drying process, greatly saving energy consumption.

2) The nutrient content of the product is uniform, and the nutrient content of each granule is basically the same.

3) The physical properties of the product are good, the water content of the product is low, not easy to agglomerate.

4) The product particles all have a small hole, not easy to imitate, with anti-counterfeiting function.

5) Good operating environment, no three waste emissions.

6) High tower granulation device infrastructure investment and operating costs are usually lower than the conventional solid batching device, the production scale of the device is more so.

7) High tower granulation process can produce high concentration urine-based nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary compound fertilizer for direct application, and can also produce high concentration urine-based nitrogen and potassium binary compound fertilizer as raw material fertilizer for blended fertilizer.

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