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Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Use Precautions and Maintenance

Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Use Precautions and Maintenance
Organic fertilizer turning machine use precautions and maintenance! Scientific and standardized fermentation can promote the growth and development of disease-resistant organic compounds in the whole process of fermentation, along with many microorganisms and a series of intricate biochemical reactions. Microorganisms in the breeding process to form a lot of unique metabolic chemicals, such as growth hormones, antimicrobials and autoimmune chemicals, can promote the rapid growth and development of crops, suppress the spread of soil layer pests and diseases, and enhance the disease resistance and resilience of crops work ability. Non-fermented organic fertilizer not only does not have the above advantages, because of its own accompanying viruses and bacteria have also become the specific cause of crop diseases and pests.

Organic fertilizer compost turner use precautions and maintenance
1, To ensure the natural ventilation and O oxygen supply at the bottom of the fermentation table

2, Agricultural fertilizer pile cover the pile height of 0.81.5m, pile width of 1.5-2.0m, the length can be based on the amount of agricultural fertilizer. The amount of compost is too small, not conducive to raise the temperature, fermentation and thorough perfection

3, If the use of agricultural fertilizer is too long or too much straw, should be in the fermentation of the whole process plus fresh excrement to carry out regulation

4, The pile of fertilizer pile should be covered to prevent blowing dry on the surface of the big farm fertilizer can not be thoroughly fermented

5, Of course, fermentation of farm fertilizer must be able to carry out secondary fermentation through the corresponding regulation

(1) Termentation with weeds and food crop straws (about 12-15 days to decompose).
Grind or chopped weeds and food crop straw (generally 35cm long), can apply 40% of excreta water or digestate and digestate to adjust; can also choose 2% urea solution (46% of nitrogen) or equal percentage of compound fertilizer to adjust; can also be adjusted by 3:1-4:1 total weight ratio plus fresh livestock excreta

(2) Termentation with pure excrement (about 12-15 days to decompose): can add broken (chopped) weeds and food crop straw to carry out fermentation, moderate adjustment of compost moisture content to 55%-60% or less, the net weight ratio of 3:14:1.

(3) Excreta fermentation (about 15 days to decompose).
After immediately expanding the volume of germs, remove the layer in the machine shell evenly, mix, and immediately pile up on the fermentation service platform. Repeat this practical operation. If the moisture content is too large, add an appropriate amount of broken dry auxiliary materials in the shell to carry out adjustment.

Organic fertilizer fermenter" first application of organic fertilizer machinery and equipment of common problems into the following four points.

The components of the new facility did not test run, it is likely to jam. When the operator applies the machine and equipment for the first time, he must raise the temperature of the machine and equipment.

First, the temperature will rise until he manually drive the motor v-belt until it is free to do, in accordance with the normal work in the selection of items connected and drive the motor 8-10 times, and then slowly rise the temperature, which must be about 40-50 minutes. In addition to the basic temperature adjustment, the organic fertilizer turning machine must be heated up and fill the heat again after starting.

At the same time, it has to be adjusted to a different temperature according to different materials. During the normal operation period, the temperature of the equipment should be maintained for a long time, not high or low. The ambient temperature around the vent hole at the top of the head should be maintained at 200 degrees or less. At this temperature, most raw materials can be produced and processed efficiently. When shutting down the machine, the actual operating staff should completely disconnect the switch power and use the board hand to remove the parts from the top of the machine and equipment and wait for independent heating before applying.

The above is the organic fertilizer turning machine use precautions and maintenance related content, in the process of our adoption or to follow the safety guidelines to the actual operation, look forward to some assistance to us!

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