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The Solution to Soil Slumping

The Solution to Soil Slumping
1, Combination of Deep Plowing and Rototilling
Scientific and moderate deep plowing should be about 35cm, which is helpful to protect the structure of soil tillage layer from being destroyed and the growth of crop roots.

2, Improve the Clay Soil
The use of sand guest soil and increase the application of organic fertilizers to thoroughly change the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

3, Effectively Promote the Return of Straw to the Field
Straw can improve the physical properties of soil, straw crushed back to the field can improve the soil organic matter content, increase soil porosity, coordinate the soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat, to create a good environment for soil microbial activities, is conducive to organic decomposition, softening, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.

4, Appropriate Use of Soil Conditioner
The use of soil conditioners, improvers such as silicon, calcium, iron and other divalent cations and organic inorganic colloids in the soil can quickly form soil agglomerate structure, solve the problem of soil consolidation, promote the growth of crop roots, while regulating the ratio of the solid phase, liquid phase, gas phase of the soil.

5, Adopt Soil Testing and Fertilization Technology
According to the soil laboratory basis, the use of organic and inorganic fertilizer combination, increase the application of organic fertilizer, reduce the amount of pure chemical fertilizer application, the reasonable application of organic activation of nutrition package fertilizer Jiamei Hongli, winnings, internal potassium de, etc., so that the soil will not only not slab soil, but also increase the organic matter content, improve the soil structure, increase fertility at the same time to increase water permeability, further improve soil quality, can avoid the occurrence of slab .

6, Promote the Cultivation Technology of Sloping Land
The use of soil collection ridge for cultivation technology to reduce soil erosion during heavy rainfall.

7, Saline Land and Non-Saline Land
Non-saline land: the main reason for soil slumping is the destruction of soil structure, which can be reduced by deep plowing, deep tilling, planting green manure and organic fertilizer.
Saline land: you can use diffusion irrigation and salt pressure, digging alkali drains (both methods use water to flush away the salt) combined with some agronomic measures such as planting green manure (anti-saline plants), applying organic fertilizer and leveling the land.

8, Rational Use of Fertilizer
(1) The use of beneficial bacteria
Organic matter decomposes in the soil to form humus, and the main driving force to eventually promote the formation of agglomerate structure comes from soil microorganisms. So to break the soil consolidation should be timely application of fertilizers containing bacteria to increase the soil microorganisms.
(2) The use of humic acid fertilizers
Humus is the main component of the formation of agglomerate structure, and humus mainly relies on the decomposition of organic matter by soil microorganisms. Therefore, the amount of humic acid supplemented directly to the soil can greatly increase the amount of agglomerate structure. Thus, it can improve the soil consolidation problem.
(3) Increase the use of soil conditioning agents, the specific role of soil conditioning agents are as follows. 
Regulate soil acidity and alkalinity. In recent years, due to the continuous application of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, as well as the impact of acid rain has led to more and more serious soil acidification, a number of weakly alkaline soil conditioner can be neutralized and will be improved. 
Improving soil permeability. Due to improper fertilization and other problems, soil consolidation is also quite serious. The addition of some soil conditioners can promote the formation of agglomerate structure, thus breaking up the slab and increasing its permeability. 
Supplement soil nutrients. Some soil conditioners are rich in silicon, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements that can promote root growth, and the application of such soil conditioners can replenish soil nutrients to a certain extent ...... 
Inhibit harmful pathogens. Some soil conditioners have a certain fungicidal effect, after application, can reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases. 
(4) Increase the application of organic fertilizers. 
We know that the main role of organic fertilizer is to promote soil fertilizer nutrient absorption and increase soil organic matter. And the main reason for soil slump is the lack of soil organic matter. Therefore, increasing the input of organic fertilizer is an important means to improve the problem of soil consolidation.

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